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3MMA Crystals for Sale | Purity 99.26%


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Buy 3-Methyl-Methamphetamine (3-Me-MA, 3MMA) is a new invention from Juklislab. It is the β-deketo analogue of 3MMC (the amphetamine version of 3MMC).Buy 3MMA Crystals Online

Other names: 3,N-Dimethylamphetamine, 3-Me-MA, 3MMA, Emma

The IUPAC of 3MMA is ‘N-methyl-1-(3-methylphenyl)propan-2-amine’, its CAS number is 2089255-96-7.



Dose: 10-50mg

Come up about 10-20minutes.

Peak: 3-4hours and some residual stimulation after. No heavy side effects noted after like on meth(pounding heart palpitaions) or even some shitty speed.


Dose: (threshold)10-150mg(heavy)

Come up: 20-40mins Peak: 4-8hours

Comedown: Maybe 8h till baseline

Best roa for studying/work because there is not much of a comedown and craving. You get smoothly from peak dopamine to serotoning high on end for 2-3hours than you are at baseline. Less side effects than nasal/smoked.


Dose: 5-50mg

Come up: ~1-2mins

.Peak: dopamine rush for 10-30mins then the serotonin dump comes, the most fiendish roa of course but cravings arent as near as bad as with pyrovalerones or base cocaine.

Comedown: about an hour till hitting baseline, more prominent comedown, side effects more pronounced when smoking soo for newbies i wouldnt reccomend smoking, also its bad for lungs and teeth soo if you do it wash your teeth every time after doing this.. with any substance for that matter(except weed lol).

Where to Buy 3MMA Crystals Online Safely – How to Order 3MMA Crystals Online within Europe


POSITIVE: Chilled out stimulation, euphoria, tingling feeling around the body, Music sounds better, better sex drive and a weird sex thing i only experienced on meth once, orgasm was feeling like i was squriting, like mad cum all over my gf, not a minute goes by i come again like a madman and again in a few minutes.. I never felt this good during sex like on this one. My gf also stated that she was way more aroused and horny than on any stim we tried, she came like 10 times, bed all wet….now run and stockpile this shit people till you still have time 😀

NEGATIVE: High blood pressure, a good amount of vasoconstriction(cold hands and feet), insomnia, loss of apetite, sweating(higher doses), jaw clenching(higher doses)

Tl;dr: Young male and female tried stimulant rc drug 3mma for first time, a b-deketo analogue of 3mmc. Doses from 10-150mg depends on roa. Duration something between coke and amphetamine and the effects are very balanced like coke/meth but shorter in duration than meth and longer than coke and more serotonin high on the end(3mmc like), shorter duration than adderal(speed). Not many side effects noted, amphetamine like comedown. Eating was easier than with meth/speed/3mmc. After many trials with this substance we concluded its a functional stimulant good for work/study/party depending on the dosage.

3-MMA is absolute BLISS

No, NOT 3-MMC, 3-MMA (3-methylmethamphetamine) or as it should be written; 3-Me-MA; It’s a methamphetamine analogue and it’s just insanely good. There’s practically noting known about the dose or anything else really, except that it’s supposed to be more balanced in it’s monoamine release than fluorinated MA analogues.


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